In exterior lighting, the trend is away from large-scale lighting with just few but powerful floodlights towards more accentuated lighting from small distances and smaller wattages. Our experience and new technologies enable us  to implement ambitious lighting concepts with a very low energy consumption. Detailed planning and the use of special light optics reduce the glare to a technical minimum and allow the undisturbed view to the night star-sky. Whenever possible we hide luminaires to be almost invisible during the daytime or stylistically integrate them into their surroundings.

We use most diverse techniques to skillfully set the stage for you architecture, to give your exterior space also at night identity and character and to create an appealing surrounding after sunset the expands the interior of your building to the outside.

Further references:

BASF Studienhaus

Block Bräu | Hamburg

EDEKA Headquarter | Hamburg

Hess Natur | Butzbach

Hotel Sheraton | Ismayilli | in process

Joachim-Herz-Stiftung | Hamburg | in process

Office Building Schumannstr. | Berlin

Office Building Vitacon | Hamburg

Private Villa Baron Voght Strasse | Hamburg

Private Villa Elbchaussee | Hamburg

Private Villa Elbhöhe | Hamburg

Private Villa Gartenstrasse | Oldenburg

Private Villa Gustav-Freytag-Str. | Hamburg

Private Villa Mittelweg | Hamburg

Private Villa Rondeel | Hamburg

R-Class XL

Villa Inselwall | Braunschweig



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