Our team, consisting of young, creative and experienced light planners, develops lighting concepts in close collaboration with builders and architects, whose goal is to meet their respective individuality. In the corresponding spheres of competence, we are intensively discussing the architectural requirements and the respective use. We plan independently from manufacturers, so we make it possible to consider the most modern lighting technologies. The light quality and the latest energy saving techniques are also of great importance. We use our own lighting workshop every day to adjust the individual scenarios and to offer you the best possible result. Our market knowledge gives us favorable purchasing conditions, which allows us to develop the appropriate light concept for every budget. We will gladly accompany your project from the design through to the realization.



Light has a direct and indirect influence on our health, our wellbeing and our quality of life. In a direct manner, light controls our sleep-wake-cycle which plays a central role in human health. In an indirect way, light colour, light quality, ambience and atmosphere affect our wellbeing.

In all our projects we incorporate health aspects and create lighting solutions that enhance wellbeing and quality of life and appeal to all senses.

Light colours


The sensitive treatment of colour and light presents a major challenge for every lighting designer.

Unfortunately, the »coloring« of a room or even a whole building is often equated with professional lighting design. Due to the powerful effect of coloured light, we are of the opinion that a targeted use taking all technical, biological, emotional and design aspects into consideration is necessary.

Coloured lighting scenes managed by an intelligent and easy to use lighting control, are from our understanding just supplements to the actual lighting or rather of a temporary kind.



In Architecture, sustainability-standards like BREEAM, LEED and DGNB become more important and are more often demanded. Nowadays, energetic issues are an important part of modern lighting solutions, however, professional lighting design includes much more. As lighting designers, it is our responsibility to meet the needs of all involved parties. This means to balance aesthetic, energetic and economic issues.

Energy efficient building in the area of lighting is a complex manner with numerous requirements and possibilities that demands an interdisciplinary cooperation. Our diverse experiences in most different projects enable us to incorporate new technologies, new knowledge and all kind of technical aspects into the creative process of atmospheric lighting design while meeting the newest sustainability-standards like BREEAM, LEED or DGNB.



LEDs (light emitting diodes) develop rapidly, new power classes, better performance, higher efficiency, better colour rendering and new emission spectra. New companies arise and traditional producers enter the market on a large scale. With this “virgin territory” and the abundance of manufacturers and products, significant differences of quality emerge. By constant advanced training of our technical expertise, practical workshops and the sampling of each specified luminaire, we are your reliable partner for a competent consulting. We combine the advantages of tried and trusted lighting technology with the numerous advantages of the new revolutionary LED technology to develop the best solution for your project.

The main advantages of LEDs are:

High efficiency, long lifetime, small size, easily dimmable, robustness, low heat generation, no delay, UV- and IR-radiation free.

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